The import of litter in the end it?

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  Cat friends is not difficult to find, now the litter market is flooded with a variety of imported cat litter, such litter often packaged, the use effect is also good, but the price is usually higher prices, generally not ordinary cat owners can accept (except for the nouveau riche oh). Common imports include blue cat litter hammer, cat litter, Puruite cat litter, Alice, sand etc.. Then Emmett litter as ordinary consumers, all of these so-called exotic how? And import litter in the end is not really come across the sea is Chinese, come to your side?

A cat litter, import is really imported Mody

  We do not deny that most of the import of litter is indeed from around the world, but each pack of cat litter should be back in to Chinese before shipping, customs, agency fees and other layers. This is why the burden of a pack of ordinary cat litter in the China market will be sold for hundreds of dollars or even one of the reasons for a few hundred dollars.

To solve this problem, many manufacturers, merchants began to play a "typical" trick, will import brand licensing for domestic manufacturers, by the OEM production. Litter produced in this way will become to have foreign identity Chinese, but still enjoy the foreign guests reception and vice versa because consumers value high. Don't know why, so still dig a lot of money to the domestic consumption of ordinary cat litter.

Two, the import of litter quality really much better than domestic cat litter.

  In fact, cat cat friends for a long time on this piece of consumables must be slightly proficient, so some cat friends found that in fact the so-called imported litter is not necessarily better than domestic cat litter. We still take the traditional bentonite cat litter for example: Xiao Bian once bought a package called the import of cat litter, open was then filled the dust choking wall -- well, who is a guest, a road journey, after the long journey will inevitably produce dust, never mind, as long as the use of good performance is still the same... So small they pull to the house master ah "the cat cat forcibly forced the reward after a few seconds to piss... I can't wait to shovel the Baba... That the soft pellet shovel up... And then all sink to the bottom, with problems ensued Xiao Bian also overwhelmed.....

Three, our new bentonite cat litter

  This month, DA-AN cat litter Products Co. Ltd. officially launched a new generation of bentonite fragmentized litter (billion nicolou. Cat litter) this product has more amount of province, cluster tighter, clean and low dust, not easy to stick a litter box! The use indicators have reached the international first-class level of cat sand very close to the people, and in the price, is a truly independent production cost-effective good hope to buy cat litter!

  In fact, whether bentonite cat litter, litter or pine litter crystal, tofu domestic cat litter, itself is a very good choice of products to use, I hope you can support your cat friends! DA-AN litter also look forward to sincere cooperation with each and every one of the!



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