1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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... Why are there two shapes of litter, round and chunk shaped? 
Answer - Many people prefer the original round style, especially those with automated cat boxes. But others like the new chunk style crystals because they do not roll if your cat displaces them from the litterbox.

... For optimal use of Kitty Sand, is there anything I should be aware of?
Answer - Yes ! There are three, Scooping, Hesitancy of cat to change, and Scatter.

Dear New Users: We value our customers, we listen, and we want you to be fully informed about this product. The suggestions in the following three paragraphs will return a lifetime of continuous benefits, especially a more elegant home environment.

Scooping: When I scoop the cat litter the Kitty Sand Crystals do not fall through the scoop. Solution: Your retailer should be able to get a suitable scoop with wider slots for you.

Hesitancy of cat to use new litter: Mix small amounts of Kitty Sand with the old litter, and increase gradually while reducing the amount of the old litter. After two weeks, clean box and useKitty Sand only. Your cat will now be accustomed to the new litter. This small effort on your part will return a world of benefits.

Scatter: Original Kitty Sand crystals are round, and will roll if the cat causes them to be displaced from the litter box. If this is a problem, try our new chunk style crystals, which do not roll. There are easy solutions for eliminating roll and scatter altogether. Many customers that use a covered cat box report that this type box seems to extend the useful life of Kitty Sand considerably.


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