The crystal cat who knows well

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  Many cat owners may have used the crystal crystal evaluation of cat litter, litter is also mixed. So what is the reason for this part of the owner to give up the use of cat litter and litter crystal crystal? What and what advantages and disadvantages?

To be honest, the crystal is litter litter use effect is good, deodorization ability is relatively good, water absorption effect is relatively strong. And compared with the current use of the most common litter setting - cat litter, dust crystal cat litter is much smaller. At the same time, as long as the correct use of cat litter, crystal or can be used for a long time. In addition, there are some owners said they chose litter because the crystal looks more clean and fresh. Litter

  Of course, for other litter owners also have their own reasons. First, although the crystal litter looks more relaxed and clean, but some of the cat litter curiosity, or even directly to the crystal litter to eat. Secondly, cat foot may have pain in the crystal litter, so some owners will choose they use other litter from the cat's perspective. Of course, if the user does crystal cat litter litter is not cold, so the owner may have to switch to other cat litter.

  Because of the advantages and disadvantages of contrast, so the owner can according to the following to decide whether to use crystal litter: 1 to observe the cat's attitude, after all, is the basis of cat cat litter user.2. in the cat to use crystal cat litter, consider their own needs, for example, some people can not stand the dust condensation litter produced. You can choose to use crystal cat litter; and if you find that no major dust condensation litter for cats, as well their cleaning is convenient, you can choose not to use crystal litter.


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