What kind of cat litter for long-term use

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    Understand the cat's habits, you should choose suitable for cat litter. After all the users or cat litter, all try to cat preferences as the standard, following from several aspects to help you master detail about what is best for the cat litter.

    The first is the taste

    People buy things preference of aroma, but for the litter it is best to listen to their cat views, especially for smell sensitive cats, in most cases is not willing to use the litter with fragrance. Because the cat's sense of smell sensitive nature, is more sensitive to the taste, smell our many cats don't smell the smell, so the smell of relatively thick fragrance is often the most cat litter boycott.


    Although not the personal use of cat litter, but the daily contact is more. If the amount of litter dust is relatively large, the cat in the process of using easily from the respiratory tract into the body, long-term inhalation of excessive dust on the health of the cat must have a certain impact, adverse reaction is the most direct playing cat in the case of litter after sneezing smell. In addition litter dust too easy to sticky in cat paws or body, the cat in the process of moving will put a lot of dust to the indoor everywhere, effects of indoor health environment.


    The cat was born with cat litter, certainly the cat gritty requirement, early is not so popular when litter is generally dug sand directly from the field home when the litter, litter can understand the sense of love cats love sandy, so the general bentonite cat litter by the cat, one of a kind and is idle litter sales accounted for relatively large.


    Now litter varieties of bentonite, crystal, pine and other types, and for all kinds of chemical elements in the manufacturing process of litter added may cause a certain impact on the cat, so choose some litter chemical additives less, once found that cats have allergies to timely stop the use.


    Litter is used after all, see the litter use effect. The general evaluation effect of litter quality standards is litter water. Water condensation molding forming better faster, stronger ability of deodorization is generally the main quality characteristics of litter.


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