Teach you how to choose the high quality of litter

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    How to choose the litter, how to choose the right cat litter, I believe these are a lot of cat slaves has been a puzzling problem, in fact, can choose according to several aspects to determine the litter:

    One, the knot group effect

    The cluster quality can directly show the quality of the litter, litter cluster good quality relatively quickly, and the cluster is relatively strong, not easy to damage.

    Two, deodorant effect

    The deodorizing effect has a direct impact on the use of cat litter time, deodorization effect is relatively poor litter not only cannot absorb cat excrement smell, will be polluted. So the choice of litter must choose those deodorant material better litter.

    Three, bactericidal effect

    The main role is litter excreta disposal off the cat, some cats may be a few days before the slave to clean up a cat litter, if the sterilization effect of cat litter relatively poor, it is easy to breed bacteria, have a negative impact on the health of the cat.

    Four, litter particle shape, size

    Now not only is the cat litter material has many kinds, particle shape and there is a lot of cat litter, like pine strips, large granular crystal, broken particles and spherical bentonite, select suitable litter according to the conditions of use, fully enclosed cat litter box use cat litter with less, and open a litter box will need to consider the situation with a litter, after the easy rolling spherical abrasive belt is not easy to clean up, but a small amount of abrasive particle crushing of the cat, it is convenient for cleaning, such as Meipeng litter.

    Five, hardness

    Without the use of cat litter greater hardness can effectively reduce breakage, reduce dust pollution. After using the litter Pellet Hardness, can effectively reduce the use amount, convenient cat slaves cleanup.


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